Water Purifiers

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BLAIR 8-15 ltr Aqua grandplus RO+UV+TDS Adjuster+Mineral

BLAIR AQUA GRANDPLUS- Stage Purification Process : 5- Electricity Required : Yes- Capacity : 5-15 Ltr- Auto Shut Off : Yes

Blair 5-15 lph RO+UV+TDS Control+UF BLAIR E100 RO+UV+TDS CONTROL+UF Reverse Osmosis & Ultra Violet rays treatment Water Purifiers

Stage Purification Process : 5- Electricity Required : Yes- Capacity : 5-15 Ltr- Auto Shut Off : Yes- Type : UV RO

Pureit Advanced 14 Ltr Gravity Water Purifier

- 1 Year warranty- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA certified- Double Protection Guaranteed- Attractive International Design- Recommended for average sized

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