Blair 5-15 lph RO+UV+TDS Control+UF BLAIR E100 RO+UV+TDS CONTROL+UF Reverse Osmosis & Ultra Violet rays treatment Water Purifiers

Stage Purification Process : 5- Electricity Required : Yes- Capacity : 5-15 Ltr- Auto Shut Off : Yes- Type : UV RO
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Box Contents Main Unit
Brand Blair
Technology RO+UV
Storage 15 liters


Blair E100 Is Heavy Duty Machine Designed To Work Upto 2000 Tds. E100 Is Equipped With High Quality Membrane And Pump. Blair E100 Is Suitable For A Family Of 10 To 13 Members. Filteration Features Are As Follows 1. 10" Spun Pre Filter Which You Get Free With This Product. 2. Sediment Filter Removes Remaining Sand And Fine Particles From Water. 3. Activated Carbon Removes Odur, Chlorine, Enhance Taste And Polishes Water To Shine. 4. Reverse Osmosis Removes Extra Tds From Water. 5. Tds Adjuster Adjusts Tds As Required For Human Consumption. 6. Uv Chamber Ultra Violet Rays Kills Bacteria And Viruses And Give Us Water Free From Water Borne Diseases Without Adding Any Chemical. 7. Uf Ultra Filter Removes Any Remaining Impurity In Water.

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